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Animal Protection FAQs

Do you make grants to individuals for veterinary care?
We do not make grants to any individuals.

Do you provide animal rescue and sheltering?
We are not a shelter or a rescue and we do not provide direct services to animals.

What is the average grant amount?
Our cat grants average $5,000.  All other grants average $10,000.

Do you make emergency grants?
The Foundation does not make emergency grants but we have the Annie Lee Roberts Emergency Animal Rescue Service fund which is administered by the Humane Society of the United States. All requests must be directed to Ms. Melissa Rubin with the HSUS. The fund is primarily for rescued victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Do you provide any advice or assistance with the proposal process?
We will make every effort to answer any questions and advise you on our funding priorities and requirements during the grant application process. Please remember that our assistance does not guarantee funding.

Can you share with me examples of proposals that have been successful? 
We do not share successful proposals with other applicants but we will inform you of what we expect to see in your proposal.

Will I be declined if I ask for too much funding?
You will not be declined if you ask for too much money but we do expect you to tailor your request to our funding history.  Be realistic!

Do you make grants for salaries/overheard/general operating?
We do make general operating grants within our research program and after we have a funding history with an organization. General operating grants are rarely given as a first grant.

For how many years will you fund an organization?
We rarely fund an organization indefinitely. Good communication with the program director will ensure knowledge and trust so that there are no unhappy surprises.