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Animal Protection Grant Highlights

Since inception, the Animal Protection Program has created and supported projects of animal rescue, research, rehabilitation and advocacy. Our grants have assisted a wide variety of programs including companion animal issues, carnivore protection, sanctuary and refuge, and endangered species throughout North America and overseas.


Earth Island Institute (1992-present)


Panthera (2009)

Multi-year support for the Teton Cougar Project in the southern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, a unique decade-long study which focuses on studying cougar behavior in areas largely populated by humans as well as cougar behavior and interaction with other large predators, including wolves, grizzly bears and black bears. www.panthera.org/programs/cougar/teton-cougar-project


Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (2008-present)

The mission of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries is “Helping Sanctuaries Help Animals” by providing worldwide standards, carrying out a global accreditation program, convening, educating, speaking up for sanctuaries, and creating funding streams for responsible disbursement. Through these programs, GFAS promotes and validates excellence in sanctuary management as well as humane and responsible care of animals, encourages the development of greater recognition and resources for sanctuaries, and seeks to eliminate the cause of displaced animals.


Annie Lee Roberts Emergency Animal Rescue Fund (1989-present)

The Annie Lee Roberts EARS fund was originally created by the founder of the Summerlee Foundation to address animals’ critical needs in emergency situations. Currently, the Fund is managed by the Humane Society of the United States and its sole purpose is to provide lifesaving support for the emergency rescue of animals throughout the country who are suffering from cruelty, neglect, and abuse.