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Formal Proposal Requirements for Texas History

PRIOR to submitting a proposal, the Texas History Program Officer should be contacted.

A formal proposal should be submitted once the grantseeker has been invited to submit a proposal. The following elements are required for the application process:

  1. Cover sheet
  2. Cover letter signed by the chief executive officer or board chairman
  3. Most recent copy of the IRS determination letter which grants the organization federal tax exempt status as a 501(c)(3) organization
  4. Most recent financial statements (audited, if any)
  5. Most recent copy of the 990 IRS information return
  6. Brief history of organization seeking support
  7. Statement of goals and purposes, mission and vision
  8. Brief biographies of key personnel with proposed project
  9. List of board of directors and officers of the organization
  10. Detailed description of the project with dollar amount requested
  11. Annual operating budget and project budget
  12. Current strategic plan or long range plan
  13. Plan of work to complete the project and amount of time needed for completion

If the funding request is not for the entire amount needed for the project, a plan should be included to describe how the project will be completed.

Since it is able to respond favorably to only a small percentage of applications, the Foundation discourages elaborate and expensive presentations.

No faxed or e-mailed proposals will be accepted. Incomplete proposals may be declined immediately.

No grants are made to individuals. Grants are not made for religious purposes or for projects relating to monuments and memorials. Grants are not limited to Texas.

All materials submitted to the Foundation, including videos, will be retained in the permanent files of the Foundation.

The Foundation investigates and evaluates all projects and often conducts site visits.

Review Dates: Proposals are currently reviewed three – four times a year. There are no deadlines so applicants may apply at any time.

Reports: For grants $10,000 and over, an interim report shall be furnished to the Foundation six months from the date of the grant. A final report is required upon completion of the project.

Without a final report, a grantee may not receive future funding.

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