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Animal Protection Grant List


Grants Awarded for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2013

Animal Fund
Ref No.: 965455
Greenbrae, CA
Support for Forgotten Felines, a one hour documentary presenting the feral cat dilemma in a way which unravels the myths and misunderstanding surrounding homeless, unsocialized domestic cats

Animal Watch
Ref No.: 965181
Boulder, CO
support for Animal Help Now, a web-based tool and iphone and android application that provides specific information about the best way to assist animals in need and in emergency situations, whether they are companion animals, farmed animals, or wildlife.

Bat World Sanctuary
Ref No.: 965530
Mineral Wells, TX
Support for feed and caring of rescued bats in 2013.

Beartooth Humane Alliance
Ref No.: 965338
Red Lodge, MT
Support for spay neuter clinic for feral and barn cats in large rural Carbon County, Montana.

Belize Vivarium Ltd.
Ref No.: 965582
Belize City,
Two year support for expenses associated with the housing and humane care of ten rescued crocodiles, two different species, both endangered in Belize.

Belize Wildlife and Referral clinic
Ref No.: 965581
Boerne, TX
Support for medical care costs associated with rescued wildlife in the country of Belize.

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies
Ref No.: 965441
Ottawa, ON
Funding to offset expenses associated with the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies cat overpopulation task force.

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies
Ref No.: 965514
Ottawa, ON
Funds to help offset the costs associated with Phase 2 of the CFHS Cat Taskforce.

CANDI-Cats and Dogs International Inc.
Ref No.: 965431
Hauppauge, NY
Funding for animal sterilization clinics in Cancun, Mexico, to control stray overpopulation and help the community.

Castroville Nip & Tuck
Ref No.: 965500
Castroville, TX
Support for low cost spay/neuter program for low and fixed income population of Medina County, Texas.

Chimpanzee Retirement Sanctuary Northwest
Ref No.: 965501
Cle Elum, WA
General operating support for the care of the Cle Elum Seven, chimpanzees rescued from biomedical research.

Climate Conservation
Ref No.: 965447
Bozeman, MT
Two year funding to develop new policies and plans and to implement projects that protect wildlife corridors and ecological connectivity. Focus is on endangered and threatened species within the Northern Rockies.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Ref No.: 965491
Durango, CO
Support for research project addressing Black Bear-Human conflict: Finding Management Solutions and assessing consequences for Bear Populations.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Ref No.: 965531
Fort Collins, CO
Funding for study that will test noninvasive methods to detect and obtain a genetic sample from mountain lions in 2 study areas in Colorado, one on the Front Range and one on the Uncompagre Plateau.

Cougar Fund Inc.
Ref No.: 965512
Jackson, WY
Support for building a sustainable, ethical cougar management plan and holding state game and fish agencies accountable for their actions.

Earth Island Institute/Project Coyote
Ref No.: 965462
Larkspur, CA
Support for Coyote Research & Science Collaboration project that promotes collaboration between researchers, academic institutions, wildlife agencies, and carnivore advocates.

Garfield County Animal Welfare Foundation, Inc.
Ref No.: 965365
Rifle, CO
Support for a feral and free-roaming cat spay neuter project/initiative for the city of Rifle, CO.

Geauga County Humane Society
Ref No.: 965463
Novelty, OH
Support for Catsmart/TNR Program.

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, Inc.
Ref No.: 965417
Washington, DC
Support of an ongoing rescue fund with most animals coming from failed pseudo-sanctuaries.

Homeless Animals Relief Project
Ref No.: 965456
Senatobia, MS
Support for upgrade to existing mobile spay/neuter facility.

Humane Research Council
Ref No.: 965448
Olympia, WA
Funds to assume responsibility for the animal grants database. Responsibilities will include conducting an initial review, possible transfer of the data to a new system, as well as ongoing communication with database.

Humane Research Council
Ref No.: 965460
Olympia, WA
Support for Animal Tracker annual public opinion survey, 2013.

Humane Society of the United States
Ref No.: 965451
Washington, DC
Two year support for the Annie Lee Roberts Emergency Animal Rescue Service Fund.

InSync Exotics Inc.
Ref No.: 965359
Wylie, TX
Support to recover expenses in the July 2011 rescue of 9 cougars and 11 other big cats.

Integral Ecology Research Center
Ref No.: 965578
Blue Lake, CA
Funding to investigate the relationship between bobcats and mountain lions, and how this relationship affects a smaller, rare carnivore, the fisher.

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary
Ref No.: 965529
Boyd, TX
General operating support in the form of food costs for the 64 resident animals for year 2013.

Kerulos Center
Ref No.: 965461
Jacksonville, OR
Caring for the Caregivers: Create educational, training, and self-care resources to address needs of animal caregivers and their organizations in order to manage stress and increase organizational resilience.

Kerulos Center
Ref No.: 965579
Jacksonville, OR
Support for the Aves Sagrado Project, a three part project to protect Costa Rican parrots and support Costa Rican wildlife sanctuaries.

Lewis & Clark Humane Society
Ref No.: 965340
Helena, MT
Support for a Spay Montana Project: a two-day, cats only spay/neuter clinic in Jefferson City, Montana.

Lifesavers, Inc.
Ref No.: 965506
Lancaster, CA
Funds for the expansion of the horse training program.

Lions, Tigers & Bears
Ref No.: 965544
Alpine, CA
Funding for the construction of the concrete portion of the new bear habitat, which will house 4 captive bears.

Marine Mammal Stranding Center
Ref No.: 965465
Brigantine, NJ
Support for the Marine Mammal Rescue and Rehabilitation Assistance Program.

Mountain Lion Foundation
Ref No.: 965524
Sacramento, CA
Support to initiate public outreach efforts and to develop critically needed lion protection constituencies in South Dakota and neighboring midwestern states.

Operation Catnip Stillwater Inc.
Ref No.: 965504
Stillwater, OK
Funds for non-disposable equipment and supplies needed to conduct a large scale trap-neuter-return program for feral cats in the Stillwater, OK area.

Orion Society
Ref No.: 965520
Great Barrington, MA
Support for the publication of a major story on OR 7, the first wolf to appear in California since 1924.

Panthera Corporation
Ref No.: 965445
New York, NY
Two year support for the Teton Cougar Project in its 13th and 14th years in order to complete and intensify work on cougar demographics, predation, and interactions with other carnivores as well as testing non-invasive monitoring techniques.

Pet Project
Ref No.: 965537
Canon City, CO
Support for “A Voice for the Feral,” a project to trap, neuter, vaccinate, and release 200 feral cats over a 10-month period in 2013 to reduce overall feral feline suffering.

S N I P S Spay Neuter Initiative
Ref No.: 965472
Jasper, TX
Support for the spay neuter of 100 cats in Jasper, Texas.

Save A Kitty Feral Cat Program
Ref No.: 965352
Parkersburg, WV
Support for targeted TNR of feral cats in low income areas of West Virginia.

Second Chance Animal, Inc.
Ref No.: 965533
Orofino, ID
Funding for a spay/neuter/vaccination program for approximately 100 cats owned by low income families in rural northern Idaho.

Sky Island Alliance
Tucson, AZ
Three year support for Protecting Undervalued Carnivores in the Sky Island Region.

South Dakota West River Spay Neuter Coalition
Ref No.: 965528
Deadwood, SD
Support to increase TNR efforts in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Speak Up for Horses Inc.
Ref No.: 965334
Falmouth, KY
Support for 14 rescued horses awaiting adoption.

University of Arizona Foundation
Ref No.: 965419
Tucson, AZ
Support for study using genetic methods to estimate social structure and reproductive success of a puma population and implications on affects of sport hunting.

WildAid Inc.
Ref No.: 965523
San Francisco, CA
Support for campaign to reduce demand for Elephant ivory in China.

Wildcare Foundation
Ref No.: 965511
Noble, OK
Funds to purchase additional medical equipment allowing for accurate assessment and timely implementation of the correct treatment plan.

WildEarth Guardians
Ref No.: 965435
Santa Fe, NM
Three year support for three carnivore protection campaigns: Cougar Protection, Ending the War on Wildlife and TrapFree New Mexico.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Sanctuary
Ref No.: 965580
Kendalia, TX
Support for rescue costs associated with the necessary rescue of captive coyotes from Indiana Coyote Rescue.

Grand Total

(48 items)

Grants Awarded for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2014

Animal Fund
Ref No.: 965770
Berkeley, CA
Support for publicizing and promoting Ten Lives, a one hour documentary film on feral cats.

Brownsville Spay & Neuter, Inc.
Ref No.: 965782
Olmito, TX
Support for a TNR program in Brownsville Texas.

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies
Ref No.: 965645
Ottawa, ON
Support for implementation of Capacity to Care Proof of Concept Project for two Canadian shelters.

Chimpanzee Retirement Sanctuary Northwest
Ref No.: 965773
Cle Elum, WA
Support for general operating funds to support and care for seven chimpanzee formerly used as hepatitis vaccine research subjects.

Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado
Ref No.: 965854
Durango, CO
Support for the Neighborhood Connection Program, teaching bears and humans tolerance of each other and reducing human-bear conflicts.

Conference of Southwest Foundations
Ref No.: 965711
Dallas, TX
Support for annual 2013 conference educational event, “Honoring the Telos: Orcas and Dolphins and the Ongoing Debate About Their Captivity”

Conservation Volunteers
Ref No.: 965852
Belfast, Ireland
General operating support associated with care and rehabilitation of native birds and some small mammals in northern Ireland.

Dallas Foundation
Ref No.: 965614
Dallas, TX
Support for the Big Fix for Big D Initiative (Year 2) to (1) pay the feral cat coordinator’s annual salary and (2) to provide free cat spay/neuter surgeries in underserved areas.

Dallas Foundation
Ref No.: 965614
Dallas, TX
Support for the Big Fix for Big D Initiative (Year 2) to (1) pay the feral cat coordinator’s annual salary and (2) to provide free cat spay/neuter surgeries in underserved areas.

Divine Feline Inc.
Ref No.: 965667
Denver, CO
Support for a feral/stray cat TNR program to be conducted in and around seven mobile home parks in Commerce City, Colorado.

Earth Island Institute
Ref No.: 965558
Berkeley, CA
Support for a series of public opinion research to establish specific key messaging, tactics and educational background information to encourage the public to stop supporting marine parks that feature captured orcas.

Earth Island Institute/ WildFutures
Ref No.: 965594
Bainbridge Island, WA
Support for a Wildlife Reform Initiative and an Activist Resilience Assessment.

Fiona Animal Rescue
Ref No.: 965685
Denver, CO
Livingston, TX
Support for the sterilization of 200 female dogs in Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

First Coast No More Homeless Pets, Inc.
Ref No.: 965664
Cle Elum, WA
Jacksonville, FL
Support for Feral Freedom program in Nassau County, Florida.

Garfield County Animal Welfare Foundation, Inc.
Ref No.: 965742
Rifle, CO
Support for TNR in Garfield County, Colorado.

Hello Bully
Ref No.: 965687
Pittsburgh, PA
Funding for the Hello Bully Halfway House, a transitional home for abused and neglected pit bulls, providing individualized behavior training to prepare them for adoption.

Hot Springs Village Animal Welfare League
Ref No.: 965764
Hot Springs Village, AR
Support for the Community Cats Program for 2014 to rescue, sterilize and adopt strays.

Humane Society of Tuolumne County, Inc.
Ref No.: 965771
Jamestown, CA
Support for spaying and neutering 100 cats of the elderly on fixed income in the local community.

Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association
Ref No.: 965665
Santa Barbara, CA
Support for teaching clinics in Mexico to provide Mexican veterinary students and graduate veterinarians opportunities to improve their knowledge and techniques in analgesia, anesthesia, and surgery.

Indian Wells Valley Humane Society
Ref No.: 965666
Ridgecrest, CA
Support for the Trailer Park Cats project.

Jackson County – MS Spay & Neuter
Ref No.: 965669
Escatawpa, MS
Funding to reduce the spay and neuter costs for cats in low income communities along the Gulf Coast.

Linn County Animal Rescue
Ref No.: 965670
Lebanon, OR
Funding for the lumber and roof tin for a 36 x 120 addition to the indoor arena.

Marine Mammal Stranding Center
Ref No.: 965810
Brigantine, NJ
Funding to assist in supporting the veterinarian and animal expenses of the Marine Mammal Rescue and Rehabilitation Assistance program.

Meigs County Humane Society
Ref No.: 965853
Pomeroy, OH
Support for TNR for four local colonies.

Meow Mission Limited
Ref No.: 965619
Mishawaka, IN
Support for two “Fix a Feral” spay/neuter events which will provide vouchers to feral caretakers for surgery costs for 100 cats.

Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue Inc.
Ref No.: 965683
Sagle, ID
Support for general operating expenses associated with the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wild ungulates, specifically deer.

Neighborhood Cats, Inc.
Ref No.: 965721
New York, NY
Support for the underwriting in training in advanced high-volume spay/neuter for veterinarians from three communities with the greatest need.

Orion Society
Ref No.: 965620
Great Barrington, MA
Support for a matching grant to publish an affordable book on the human-animal connection in print, digital, and Kindle editions, along with a teacher’s guide and to undertake related activities.

Orion Society
Ref No.: 965784
Great Barrington, MA
Support for an essay on the departure of Martha, the last passenger pigeon, and a provocative reflection on human-caused extinction.

Primero Conservation
Ref No.: 965621
Portal, AZ
Support for Research Project : Effects of restoration and concentration of natural prey as a mitigation of cattle predation by jaguars.

Protection and Education re Animals Culture and the Environment Inc.
Ref No.: 965707
Portland, OR
Support for PeaceAnimals Free mobile spay/neuter clinic in and around Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Scottish Wildcat Association
Ref No.: 965772
Support for the 2014 field season for the continued research and protection of the Scottish Wildcat.

Soi Dog Foundation
Ref No.: 965609
San Francisco, CA
Funding to assist building a shelter in Thailand for 400 to 500 dogs rescued from the illegal and cruel dog meat trade.

South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Ref No.: 965673
Lubbock, TX
Support for basic needs, including food, care and shelter, for the wildlife served within a 200 mile radius of Lubbock, Texas.

South Shore Felines, Inc.
Ref No.: 965705
Sun City Ctr, FL
Support for TNR and vaccination services to 156 cats/kittens in a rural and underserved South Shore Area of Hillsborough County, Florida.

Southern Plains Land Trust Incorporated
Ref No.: 965851
Centennial, CO
Support for continuation of Camera Trap Project on the Shortgrass Prairie of the Southern Great Plains.

St. Joseph’s Indian School
Ref No.: 965892
Chamberlain, SD
Support for the maintenance of the student dormitory.

Trumpeter Swan Society
Ref No.: 965734
Plymouth, MN
Support for a capacity building grant to reassess organization’s strengths, mission, strategies, and goals going forward as the only organization in North America that is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of Trumpeter Swans.

Wild Felid Research & Management Association
Ref No.: 965733
Montrose, CO
Support for the promotion and dissemination of the best scientific information to provide for sound management and conservation of wild felids.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Sanctuary
Ref No.: 965716
Kendalia, TX
Support for general operating expenses associated with wildlife rehabilitation and care of native wild animals and sanctuary programs.

Woods Humane Society
Ref No.: 965612
San Luis Obispo, CA
Support for Project MEOW (moving to end overpopulation network), a series of monthly low-cost spay and neuter clinics for the Paws Cause and Feline Network TNR programs in San Luis Obispo County, CA.

Yavapai Humane Society
Ref No.: 965613
Prescott, AZ
Support for TNR for 80 feral cats in Prescott Valley, AZ.

Grand Total

(41 items)