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Animal Protection Interim / Final Reports

Interim reports are required for grants over $50,000, multi-year grants, and/or projects not completed within one year. The interim report should contain a summary of expenditures to date, an update of project status, and a description of any unforeseen problems, changes in circumstances, and/or early successes or setbacks.  It is basically a detailed status report.

Final Reports are required upon completion of the grant funds and the project. In preparing this report please provide detailed information on the impact of the program within your organization and within your community.  How were the grant funds used? What methods/data did you use to measure the impact of the program? (Please be specific). Define the success of the program, its challenges, and its failures, if any. Will the program be replicated? What are its immediate and long-term implications? And finally, what changes, if any, would you recommend to the Summerlee Foundation’s grant procedures and guidelines?