Texas History Program
Letter of Inquiry Deadline –

The next LOI deadline will be December 1, 2023 for possible consideration at the February 20, 2024 Board of Directors Meeting. 


How to Apply

Please review the Grant Guidelines before beginning the application process.

Contact the Program Director

Prior to submitting a proposal, grant seekers must contact the Program Director – Gary N. Smith for Texas History by email to schedule a discussion of the proposed project. This discussion must take place at least 60 days before the LOI deadline.

Create and Email a Letter of Inquiry

After discussing your proposal with the Program Director, and receiving approval to proceed, please do the following:

  • Submit a letter of inquiry (see details below) of no more than three pages, including budget, by the required date
  • Include a copy of your IRS determination letter
  • Include a completed cover sheet: Download the coversheet here.

LOI’s that do not include both the coversheet and the IRS determination letter will be considered incomplete.

Guidelines for the Letter of Inquiry:

  • Summarize the project and tell us why it is important
  • Highlight the qualifications of key personnel who will carry it out
  • Include a requested amount and a project budget
  • Outline a timetable for the project
  • Please email your submission in advance of the deadline. Regular USPS mail is also acceptable.


Create your Proposal

You will be notified by the Program Director the status of your Letter of Inquiry. If your proposal is selected for further consideration, you will be invited to submit a full proposal.

The twelve elements on the checklist are required for the application process:



Applications that do not include a completed checklist will be considered incomplete.

Proposal Submission

The Summerlee Foundation
5556 Caruth Haven Lane
Dallas, Texas 75225 (USA)

Additional Information

Other guidelines for submitting a full proposal:

  • If the funding request is not for the entire amount needed for the project, please include a plan for how the project will be completed.
  • Please do not submit overly elaborate or expensive presentations.
  • Do not include notebooks, binders, or large clips with your applications.
  • All materials submitted to the Foundation, including videos, will be retained in the permanent files of the Foundation.
  • At this time we do not accept faxed or emailed proposals.
  • Incomplete proposals may be declined immediately.

Interim Reports required for:

  • Grants over $20,000
  • Multi-year grants
  • Grants not completed within one year

Final Reports:

Required upon completion of project. Without a final report, a grantee may not receive future funding.


We’re happy to help—please contact us for more information.