Welcome to the Summerlee Foundation

Founded in 1988, The Summerlee Foundation is a mission-driven, proactive organization dedicated to the support of animal protection and the preservation of Texas history.

Today, the foundation is governed by a seven member board of directors composed of animal and history experts and community leaders and remains actively involved in the broader philanthropic sector as members of national and regional philanthropy serving organizations including Animal Grantmakers, Exponent Philanthropy, Philanthropy Southwest, and Texas Rural Funders.

Since inception, The Summerlee Foundation has awarded $65 million dollars in grants and has been recognized as the Outstanding Foundation by the Greater Dallas Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.


Please note that the Summerlee Foundation is no longer accepting Letters of Interest (LOI) or grant applications by mail or email. We are transitioning to a new and convenient online application and grants management system designed to assist you in submitting an LOI and a full proposal.  For detailed instructions, please go to the How to Apply sections for either the Animal Program or the History Program.

Animal Protection Program

Due to the large number of proposals already submitted, we are no longer accepting Letters of Interest for our September 2024 Board Meeting. We will next reopen the grants portal on Monday, November 11, 2024 for our February 2025 Board Meeting. Thank you.

Texas History Program

Applicants for the next grant cycle will be able to access our online grant application portal beginning September 29, 2024 through October 31, 2024 for consideration at the next Board of Directors meeting on February 25, 2025. You must communicate with Gary Smith before August 28, 2024 in order to proceed with the online application process. Please email Gary Smithlee.org to set up an appointment to discuss your project.


What We Fund

The Foundation makes grants for two specific purposes: to alleviate fear, pain and suffering of animals and to promote animal protection and the prevention of cruelty to animals, and to research, promote and document all facets of Texas History.