The Animal Protection Program is now closed to any additional grant proposals for fiscal year July 2021-June 2022. We have exceeded our maximum number of requests. Please check back early 2022 for further updates. 


How to Apply

Please review the Grant Guidelines before beginning the application process.

Contact the Animal Protection Program Director

Prior to submitting a proposal, grant seekers must contact the Program Director – Melanie K. Anderson for Animal Protection by email or telephone (303-697-6796) to schedule a discussion of the proposed project.

Create your Proposal

After speaking with the Program Director, the grantseeker may be invited to submit a full proposal. The following twelve elements on the checklist are required for the application process:



For international grantseekers, all guidelines remain the same as US applicants except for the following:

  • International grant applicants must show proof of charitable status from the country in which they are registered
  • If funded, international grantees will be required to accept the United States Internal Revenue Service’s regulations and requirements of Expenditure Responsibility which will be explained in detail in the grant contract.

Proposal Submission


The Summerlee Foundation
5556 Caruth Haven Lane
Dallas, Texas 75225 (USA)

* Only International grantseekers may e-mail their proposals to Be sure and place in the subject line of the e-mail “Animal Protection International Grant Application.”

Additional Information

Other guidelines for submitting a full proposal:

  • If the funding request is not for the entire amount needed for the project, please include a plan for how the project will be completed.
  • Please do not submit overly elaborate or expensive presentations.
  • Do not include notebooks, binders, or large clips with your applications.
  • All materials submitted to the Foundation, including videos, photographs and DVDs, will be retained in the permanent files of the Foundation.
  • No faxed or emailed (unless international) proposals will be accepted. Incomplete proposals may be declined immediately.
  • The Foundation investigates and evaluates all projects and often conducts site visits.
  • No grants are made to individuals. Grants are not made for religious purposes or for projects relating to monuments or memorials.
  • Incomplete proposals may be declined immediately.

Proposals are currently reviewed two to three times a year.  Upon receipt of application, grantseeker will be notified by e-mail when their proposal will be reviewed.

Interim Reports required for:

  • Grants over $50,000
  • Multi-year grants
  • Grants not completed within one year

Final Reports:

Required upon completion of project. Without a final report, a grantee may not receive future funding.


We’re happy to help—please contact us for more information.