Animal Protection Program

The Animal Protection Program will begin accepting LOI’s November 1, 2023 (closing when the maximum number has been reached). LOI’s received during this period will be reviewed for possible consideration at our Board of Directors meeting on February 27, 2024.


Interim Reports

An interim report is required for grants over $50,000, multi-year grants, and/or projects not completed within one year and should include the following:

  • Summary of expenditures to date
  • Project status update
  • Description of any unforeseen challenges
  • Changes in circumstances and/or early successes or setbacks


Final Reports

A final report is required upon completion of grant funds and project and should include the following:

  •  Detailed information on impact outcomes within the organization and community
  • Explanation of how grant funds were used
  • Methods or data utilized to measure program impact
  • Program successes, challenges and failures
  • Immediate and long-term implications
  • Program replication if desired

We welcome your feedback on our grant procedures and guidelines.


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