5556 Caruth Haven Lane | Dallas, Texas 75225 (USA) | Phone: 214-363-9000


What is a private foundation?
Private foundations are 501(c)(3) organizations that make grants to other tax-exempt organizations to carry out their charitable purposes.

The Summerlee Foundation is classified as an independent private foundation, rather than a community or corporate foundation, and was established by an individual.

What program areas do you support?
Our funding is restricted to animal protection and Texas history.

Do you make grants outside the State of Texas?
Yes, we make mission-based grants nationally and internationally.

Do you accept online applications?
Currently, we do not accept proposals online.  All proposals must be mailed to the Summerlee
Foundation at 5556 Caruth Haven Lane, Dallas, Texas 75225.

Can you apply if the IRS determination letter has not yet been received?

Can I apply for a multi-year grant?
We do make multi-year grants but only after a funding history with an applicant. Multi-year proposals must be discussed in advance with the program director.

How long does the grant process normally take?
The Foundation currently meets three to four times a year to review proposals.  The entire process could take up to 4 months.

After the Board review, how soon will I hear?
After formal Board review, you will hear within two weeks.

If approved, how long before funding is available?
If funded, a contract will be sent. After we receive the signed contract, funds will be mailed.

Who makes decisions on grant proposals?
The Board of Directors approves each and every proposal for grant funding and declination.

Can I apply more than once during the fiscal year?
We do not accept more than one proposal per applicant per fiscal year unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

Do I need a grantwriter?   
No. You need passion for the project and the ability to write a request for support.