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Texas History Interim / Final Reports

Texas History grants are project-based and require the following reports. Inasmuch as the Foundation is primarily interested in projects that make a positive impact on the grantee and the community it serves, these elements should be included in the reports:

The Interim Report

An interim report is required for grants $20,000 and over. This report should be generated six months into the project, focusing on the timeline with an initial evaluation of the status of the project. Generally, this report is one to two pages in length.

The Final Report

The final report is due 12 months from the date of the contract.

Please write a two to three page report on the impact of the project on the organization and the community it serves. Factors such as audience development and scholarly reviews should be included in the report. In the rare circumstance that the project will not be completed within 12 months, you should notify the Program Director 30 days before the expiration of the contract.

This report is the grantee’s self-evaluation of the project. It is important to the Foundation that your review focuses upon both the benefits and the shortcomings of the effort. Remember, we are your partner in the project and it is very important that we learn with you about ways to make the outcome better.

Questions to address would include: Was the project a success? What methods did you apply in measuring the impact of the project on the community? Would you replicate the project? What changes, if any, would you recommend to The Summerlee Foundation in addressing needs in your historical discipline?

Please include a statement of income and expense for this project.

Multiyear Grants

Multiyear grants require an annual report for each 12 month period. A final report (see above) is due at the end of the project.